Tuesday, April 14

Things That Caught My Eye: Links

I would've forgiven Benny Santiago for doing roids if he had a beard like that. (PopularVulture via BB)

A 'Four out play' helps Dodgers win. If this had been in the ole rec league, rest assured at least one coach would've been kicked out and one screeching mother would've had all the neighborhood dogs howling. (Big League Stew)

Panthers making big moves son, big moves! "[T]raded a conditional seventh-round draft choice in 2011 to the Green Bay Packers for long snapper J.J. Jansen, an undrafted rookie last year who spent the season on injured reserve." Suck it Peppers, you've been replaced. (Observer)

This description of John Wall's performance at the Nike Hoop Summit sums up the feelings of every Facbook-using basketball fan in North Carolina. Additional John Wall YouTube goodness endorsed by yours truly. I tried to play it cool with the recent revelation that Wall coming to UNC was a possibility, but having watched this, I'm developing a crush.

At least Dale Jr. won something. The new ad campaign for the All-Star race is well conceived and has Dale "Wahoo" Junior wearing a title belt. Junior apparently only wanted to participate if he could be in full Wahoo headdress. No link to the image, but you can watch Ric Flair's promo (and 39 woos) with the poster in the background. Highlight: "20 other drivers that wanna take your women, wanna take your money, and wanna take your trophy."

"...at the end of the day, the three [underclassman] big boys - Deon Thompson, Ed Davis, and Tyler Zeller - may be better as pros than Lawson, Hansbrough, and Ellington. With Hansbrough, energy and effort only get you so far in our league. You can count on one hand how many guys get by on that..." Davis... check, Zeller... check, Thompson... whoa, dood your credibility just flew out the window, better go get it. As for the Hansbrough line, if a small number of guys get by on effort, why would a the hard worker not be a possibility? Does he realize Brian Cardinal is still in the league? (Globe via Observer)

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