Wednesday, April 22

Bob Stoops: Still Wandering into Strange Buildings

...also handles BlackBerry like his defense handled Tebow. (/Deadspin)

OU, still trying to repent for hiring Kelvin Sampson has announced a new internet conduct policy. These will likely become the norm, with Texas offensive linemen reminding us why they're so important. Being the Bill of Rights lover that I am, I can't help but wonder what schools will deem worthy to, "be punishable with education, counseling, suspension or expulsion and with the reduction or cancellation of financial aid." I'm voting for BYU booting a player for changing his religion to muslim or a Clemson running back being kicked from school the week of the South Carolina game for his away message, "BRB, Boo Cocky @ the Chancellor's House!"

They also acknowledged six secondary violations, four involving Mr. Stoops. He, "and two assistants inadvertently visiting a recruit's basketball game that had been rescheduled because of an ice storm." I guess they were moths drawn to the light? and, "Stoops sending an impermissible text to a recruit when he thought he was sending an e-mail from his BlackBerry device." Pete Carroll just twittered , "LOL at Big Game Boob: Direct messages4life!"

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