Monday, April 13

Goodbye Buffalo Puckbunnies, We Barely Knew You

At the beginnig of the hockey season, Catfish and I considerd adopting an NHL team in hopes that it would provide us with a incentive to watch more hockey. After weighing the options carefully, we chose Buffalo. Not only did the experiment not work in that we did not watch more hockey than normal, but the Sabres did not make the playoffs. They finished 10th in the Eastern Conference, 2 points behind Montreal and Florida. That's right, the team from Buffalo, New York finished behind the team from South Florida that has palm trees on their jerseys. But not to worry, the Panthers missed the playoffs as well.

The Sabres can point to injuries, but in a 16 team playoff system, that is not an excuse. So more good news for Buffalo! Well, at least they have TO. In other news, Sabres' coach Lindy Ruff has been chosen to coach Canada at the world championships so he has that going for him...which is nice. For those NHL teams still playing, the games start Wednesday.

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