Thursday, April 30

Break Up The Nugs

To steal a phrase from Doc Holiday, Wyatt the Nuggets are rolling. Last night Denver put the exclamation on a beatdown of the Hornets 107-68. The only salvaging point for the Hornets was that they did not get swept, winning game 3 by 2 points. Denver's average margin of victory in this series was 30.75. Chauncey has given the team a completely different identity from last year and the confidence is way up from last year. The team was only 4 games better in the standings, but it is night and day the way they are playing.

The Nuggets move on to the second round against the Mavs who dispatched San Antonio. Denver has to be seen as the favorite in this series but for now they are going to celebrate their first playoff series win in 15 years. Their last one was when they upset 1 seed Seattle who was coached by George Karl. If you forgot about that series somehow, this should jog your memory:

L.A. is still the huge favorite in the west, but if the Nuggets keep up this level of play they should blow by the Mavs and perhaps give the Lakers a run for their money assuming they get by the Rockets/Blazers.

Here's a short discussion we had about the Nuggets playoff performance (after game 2 of the Hornets blowout series), the changes the team has made, and could their be a duel even more incredible than the Bulls/Celtics as the playoffs progress?


Carmelo, Nuggets finally punch ticket to second round []

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