Monday, April 27

Weekend Recap

Seth Curry may have left Liberty, but they have not lost all their superstars. Sam Chelanga broke the NCAA record for the 10k in California with a time of 27:28. I ran a 5k this weekend and got 27:02, that kind of puts me in my place. []

Liberty also had RB Rashad Jennings taken 250th overall by the Jags. Jennings sat at Mel Kiper's best available for about a round and a half. [Liberty University]

Mike Leach does not believe the Browns should have passed on Crabtree. [The Sporting Blog]

Isiah Thomas is wasting no time in the obliteration of FIU's program. [Deadspin]

USC is offcially now the draft factory of college football. [LA Times]

The U's streak officially came to end as only one Cane was taken, Spencer Atkins by the Falcons in the 6th round. It was a good 14 year run and any school will be hard pressed to break it. []

The Red Sox go broomtime on the Yanks. [FoxSports]

Rajan Rondo is starting to break out of the "just a facilitator for good players around him" label with his great performance yesterday, but it was not enough to overcome the Bulls in 2 OT. [Ball Don't Lie]

And because you may need it, a quick Q&A on Swine Flu. [MSNBC]

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