Monday, April 6

Monday Night In Detroit

The championship game is set and it should be an entertaining game, but just because it is a big time game does not mean it cannot be a clunker. Carolina is the team that was the favorite to win this thing from the beginning but a few lapses in the ACC and a couple of injuries took them down from the ranks of untouchables. Now, it appears no team can touch them but with the crowd behind them, the Spartans should give them their best shot.

Getting back quickly to Saturday's games:

"If they want to be the upset story again this year, the only chance they have is shoot over 60%."

Nova shot 32.9%, including 5-27 from 3.

"The key for the Spartans is rebounding, they usually outrebound their opponents by the widest margin in the country but they face a terrific rebounding team in UConn. Their defense will frustrate the Huskies but can they keep them off the offensive boards?"

The rebounding was pretty even, Sparty totaled one more on the offensive side, but making that a wash they exploited the Huskies' weaknesses; bench production, point guard play (Kemba Walker struggled big time), free-throw shooting, and lack of a 3 point shooter. Michigan State deserves the credit, they attacked and knew where to attack to take the victory.

As for tonight, Michigan State shot 6-19 from behind the line Saturday while Carolina shot 11-22. Sparty needs to improve that clip and they need Suton to have a big game. Nova outrebounded UNC so there is no reason to think Michigan State cannot since they are one of the best rebounding teams. MSU needs to have the same transition mentality they had with UConn, get out on the break when they have the advantage and prevent transition on them. Of course, with Ty Lawson that may be impossible. The only chance Sparty will have in my mind is to hope the Heels miss some of those open looks and rebound them when they do.

Prediction is Carolina gets up early, Sparty puts up a valiant effort and hangs around by a 7-10 clip, and then the Heels stick the dagger in late and Catfish dances a jig and gets a Hansbrough tatoo.

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