Thursday, April 9

It's All in the Delivery

At the beginning of the NBA season, there was much ado about the Bobcats season tickets package and how it was distributed. From Bobcats Baseline:

Left resting on my doorstep was a crinkly medium-sized white envelope containing the above crumpled letter, the brochure for a ticket donation program, my Season Ticket Holder ID card, and a stack of plainly printed, ticketmaster-style loose tickets with a couple of rubber bands around them. Hella lame…
To get the full effect, check out the picture, you wouldn't even ask a girl to check the Yes box in 6th grade with a wrinkled piece of paper like that. This isn't about the Bobcats, however, it's about Toronto FC. Soccer? WTF Catfish? This is how you do a season ticket package:

Not only do they come in a sweet little package, but the tickets inside also form a poster. Very well done, by the folks at Taxi, who designed the project, and a hat tip to Lovely Package (where you can see the poster).

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