Thursday, April 16

You Should Know Your NBA Jam

Ever since Catfish introduced me to sporcle, I can tell you it has taken up a small chunk of my workday. Somedays even a large chunk. The NBA Jam quiz one brought back a special twinge of nostalgia for me. I was around 12 when this game came out in the arcades and in case this was before or after your time, let me tell you mastering this game was the goal of every kid with a quarter and a dream. The game took the realm of joysticks and two buttons to new heights because it featured a ridiculous play style that put NBA players in the Matrix. We can all recall the "he's on fire!" and "boomshakalaka!", the ball turning into a flaming orb when you reach said fire, and the ability to demolish the backboard on a dunk. I recall how kids used to line-up to go at it at this game and everyone crowded around the machine to try to get a glimpse of the action. The game truly revolutionized a game genre.

The quiz asks you to name the orignial 54 NBA players it featured in the 1993 arcade release. It was also great remembering how Jordan would not release his rights to the game, which would become a trademark of his in future video game releases. I got 48 correct and am ashamed to say I even missed a Charlotte Hornet, but I think it is not too bad considering I haven't touched the game in over a decade. So if you remember the glory days of NBA Jam, try and see how many you can get and relive the old days.

Can you name the players from the game NBA Jam (Arcade Edition - 1993)? [sporcle]

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