Tuesday, April 14

Bobcats May Keep Their Ball and Stay Home

"Word has it the Hawks and Bobcats will not send teams to Orlando, Utah or Las Vegas. Rather than fly a flock of players across the country for a week at a cost of roughly 150G, some teams figure to stage mini-camps in their home cities, assign a player or two to someone else's squad, or flat out combine forces. I had heard the 76ers would be cutting back as well, but a source says they plan to participate (in partnership with the Nets, perhaps) in Orlando's tournament." (NY Post)

Well, this seems like a winning idea. If proven winners like Atlanta are also doing it, I'm completely comfortable with this. *** you brought this on yourself. You'd rather pay $450,000 to horse jumpers than spend one third that on your young players.

Be sure to check out the final ***Cats Planet Radio podcast of the regular season.

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