Wednesday, April 22

Whitlock was Right and We're Better For It

I'm still waiting for sports blogs to police themselves. And it appears the wait will be just as long as the wait for traditional journalists to police themselves.

He was widely criticized at the time, but now just months later the B.J. Raji drug test fiasco has broken out, and what Whitlock asked for is being delivered (by the same blog he ripped and others). Deadspin took aim at both SI and (you earn no link) for refusing to acknowledge their inaccurate reports. TBL and even Yahoo! have also called SI's postings to the carpet and SI correctly apologized.

TBL's initial response to Whitlock's demand was, "As for policing blogs, we'll pass. Someone else can take on the unenviable task of assessing the blottings of bloggers, many of whom do this for little or no pay, and have little or no journalism training. We'll keep our focus on the professionals." Hopefully, that stand will continue to soften, not because all bloggers need to be pointing fingers at each other, but in a case where an inaccurate story (particularly involving anonymous sources) impacts a person's life and reputation like the Raji story, bloggers should not turn a blind eye to these transgressions.,

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