Monday, April 20

Weekend Recap

I think I can say with certainty that this was my favorite Yankee game of the year. [New Daily News]

The UFC title fight was maybe the worst ever, thanks to Leitis employing the Paris Hilton fall on his back routine. [Bloody Elbow]

The Nuggets slaughter the Hornets last night, thanks in part to the Birdman, who entertains everytime he gets on the floor, unless he is in a dunk contest. [Rumors and Rants]

Roberto Luongo is playing the role of difference maker for Vancouver, but I still cannot forgive them for using Whalers' colors on their current jerseys. [The Love of Sports]

Looks like ESPN will replace Emmitt Smith with Matt Millen. So basically taking the on-field great/on-mic horror with decent on-mic/front office debacle. [Deadspin]

Rick Pitino...oye. [TBL]

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