Thursday, April 30

Por-Hou Game 6: Where Yao Has Something to Prove

The Rockets and Trailblazers meet in Houston tonight for game 6 and possibly the final game of the season for the internet wonder Blazers. Houston's been playing and playing well without the "Second Round Virgin" Tracy McGrady, but it's not lost on his critics that the big fella, Yao, has not been able to push past the first round either. Often described as "he is what he is," Ming's production is often under-appreciated.

Entering the Olympics there was much consternation about Yao playing so much basketball and returning too quickly from his foot injury, but despite his size he's proven much more durable this season than many other NBA players that repped for the homeland. Among centers, only Dwight Howard ranks above Ming in all three primary statistical categories: Points, Rebounds, and Blocks. Yao led the Rockets in the same three categories this season and if he can lead his team to a win over the Blazers tonight, many of his doubters will have to re-evaluate to consider that maybe, "he's better than what we thought he was."

Note: The Rockets are 3-0 in the series when Yao gets a block and 0-2 when he doesn't get one.

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