Thursday, April 23

How Much Wiggle Room Does Your Team Have?

PFT has a list of how much each team has on the pre-draft cap room. The big winner as far as manuevering ability goes to the Eagles with $37.44 million in cap room. Other teams with coin to spend are the Chiefs($32.3 million) and Bucs ($35.54 million). The tightest budget goes to the Steelers with $440,000 but I think they are happy with where their team is after signing Harrison. Teams that are also strapped for room are the Ravens($968,000) and hell hath frozen over...the Cardinals($1.29 million)!

The local team in Carolina also has limited options due to some reason and is sitting at $2.69 million. Not promising considering they have no first round pick and are staring at a mediocre defense at best next year. Surpisingly the Redskins are only the 8th lowest at $5.96 million, who says Daniel Snyder is not fiscally sound?

Salacry Cap as of Aprill 22 []

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