Wednesday, April 22

Score One For Charlotte

It has not been a stellar year for the Charlotte sports scene (or housing scene for that matter). The Panthers got humiliated by the Cardinals in the playoffs and while the Bobcats did improve, they fell short of the playoffs and a chance to have LeBron spank them silly. But fear not fellow Queen City townspeople! The Atlanta Steam of the Lingere Football League are reportedly relocating to Charlotte. This does not quite make up for the loss of the Hornets, but it's a start. According to Monkey Throwing Darts, the stadium in Gwinnett Georgia and the Georgiadome turned the franchise down. Sounds like they have a one-way ticket to Bojangles Arena here in the QC. If that is the destination then the team does have a chance, I know the area. And yes, I do feel shady researching this topic at work.

Atlanta Has Lost Its Steam [Monkey Throwing Darts via Deadspin]


Catfish said...

Bring on the Whornets!

the EPA said...

Is it wrong that I would masturbate to this sport.... while at the stadium.

Cleet said...

It's not wrong Walt if its your team.